Flexible, Fluid Adhesives

FFA Series: Flexible fluid adhesives which distribute stresses

FFA-5 | FFA-8 | FFA-30


Bacon Adhesives’ FFA Series are flexible fluid adhesives which distribute stresses developed in bonded joints because of impact or coefficient of expansion-induced stresses. These are not gyro-grade adhesives. FFA-5 is a flexible general purpose adhesive.

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Resin: 92405
Activator: 97015
Freeze Pak: 98405


Adhesive FFA-8 is a clear fluid epoxy-polyamide system for use as an adhesive or for potting. It has a long pot life at room temperature, good resistance to mechanical shock and has high strength if heat-cured. For medical applications, it meets the requirements of USP XXIII, Class VI-50oC/72 hours (ethylene oxide) Testing for Plastics.

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Resin: 92408
Activator: 97015
Freeze Pak: 98408


Adhesive FFA-30 is a low viscosity modified epoxy-polyamide system featuring excellent wetting of various substrates. Because the resin component has an epoxide functionality greater than two, the cured properties are superior to the more commonly used epoxy-polyamide systems. Adhesive FFA-30 is useful in applications requiring wick bonding of magnetic lamination stacks and for cementing a wide variety of materials.

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Resin: 92430
Activator: 97094
Freeze Pak: 98430