Fluid Adhesives

FA-8 | FA-14 | FA-48


Adhesive FA-8 is an unfilled epoxy adhesive that has good dimensional stability. It is useful in applications for bonding and sealing aluminum and other metals. The Activator BA-5 is colored making it easy to tell when the adhesive is properly mixed.

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Resin: 92308
Activator: 97005
Freeze Pak: 98308


Adhesive FA-14 is a very low viscosity unfilled epoxy resin used for bonding components made from fused beryllium oxide, ceramics and other metals. It is also useful for other bonding and impregnating applications that require an excellent wetting compound. Adhesive FA-14 is suitable for gyro use in contact with poly(bromotrifluoroethylene) oil.

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Resin: 92314
Activator: 97045
Freeze Pak: 98314


Adhesive FA-48 is an epoxy resin system that has unusually good high temperature resistance, even if cured at only 212°F. This premium system, based on over two years of intense development, is useful in applications up to 360°F for continuous use and up to 400° or 450°F intermittently. The high strength and low modulus indicate unusually high toughness for such a high temperature material. This system meets Bacon Adhesives’ requirements for lack of condensible volatiles and for gyro fluid resistance after a cure of 2 hours at 212°F plus 2 hours at 376°F and is “gyro grade”. This is a clear unfilled system and may be considered as a potential replacement for Adhesive FA-8 where superior performance at temperatures above 175°F is required. A filled low coefficient of thermal expansion version of this system, Adhesive LCA-48A, is available.

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Resin: 92348
Activator: 97109
Freeze Pak: 98348