Do any of your products have Low Outgassing?

Yes. See Outgassing Data on the Aerospace tab.

Do you supply certification?

Yes. All of our products are tested to our standard testing procedures and assigned a specific Lot Number per batch.

What is the shelf life?

Most of our 2 part systems have a shelf life of 2 years from the date of manufacture and our pre-mixed and frozen systems have a 1 year shelf life.  Refer to product Technical Data Sheet.

May I restore product after crystallization has occurred?

Refer to the applicable Technical Data Sheet for instructions.

What is your lead time on your standard products?

Two part kit –   2 weeks.

Pre-mixed and frozen – 1 weeks.

Am I able to use different activators with your Epoxies?

Some of our epoxies may be used with different activators to achieve application requirements.  Please contact our technical department for assistance prior to mixing.

Do you supply your products pre-mixed?

Most of our products can be purchased pre-mixed, degassed and frozen in syringes ranging from 1cc to 30cc.

May I purchase Part A (Epoxy) and Part B (Activator) separately?

No, our products are sold as kits only.

Do you have quantity price breaks?

Quantity breaks apply to all of our  products.

Do you supply your products in different kit sizes?

Most of our products may be purchased in 30 gram kits up to gallon kits.

Do you have Distributors?

Call Customer Service for more detail: 949-863-1499