Bacon Industries

Bacon Industries is located in Irvine, California, specializing in high-order adhesive, bonding, potting, impregnating, sealing and coating systems. Our chemists and engineers supply valuable recommendations in the selection of the correct system, the ideal packaging, application procedures, and proper production control methods. Decades of manufacturing high quality resin systems as well as our ISO 9001/AS9100 certifications qualifies us to provide valuable counsel in the selection and application of adhesives and other resin-based systems. Bacon Industries has developed many proprietary systems that have been used successfully to accomplish solutions for our customers’ complex requirements. We manufacture, formulate and package many products for use in aerospace defense, electronic, industrial and medical industries.

Specialty Products

Aerospace Adhesives

Bacon Industries is a global supplier of advanced, high performance materials for the aerospace and defense industries. Our products have served the aerospace market for over 50 years and are certified and specified by leading aerospace and defense OEMs. Bacon Industries is at the forefront of developing specialty adhesive formulations to meet the stringent specifications of the aerospace industry. Our wide range of products consists of epoxies, polyurethanes, silicones and potting compounds offered in both one component Freeze-Paks and two component kit systems.

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